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    Western Sahara. Sign In. Select Your Country or Region. Color pink. This item is part of the Olympia Le-Tan Trunkshow. What is Trunkshow? Free shipping in the U. Free worldwide returns. Taking pride in the fact that people often thought I was gay or — better — asexual was utterly fucking stupid. I liked to tell myself this was due to my repression, and once I accepted my sexuality I would be able to have glorious gay sex with glorious gay men, but at no point has that desire appeared within me. And I fucking loved it, loved it, loved it, and I think it had a huge array of passages that held genuine value to my malleable, messed up, head.

    A Spy In The House of Love is a glorious, gorgeous, erotic novel that transports a reader into and through multiple love affairs had by Sabina if that even is her real name , a failed actress of Hungarian origin who is enjoying herself in New York and its environs in what I presumed were either the early s or late s.

    Jazz is everywhere and the aftershocks of the war ripple through society. I imagine a conservative contemporary reading could have argued that it was the societal destruction of the war that led to the rise of people living like Sabina and her lovers, but I think individuals seeking sexual liberation has been eternal. Sabina is married to a man called Alan who she loves but is unexcited by, so she instead spends nights of passion with Mambo, with Philip, with Jay, with Donald, enjoying sneaking around and seduction, the lies the lies the lies, as much as she enjoys the sex, which she does very much enjoy.



    Sabina seeks a happiness through Fuck that she cannot get elsewhere. He is a home, more a father than a lover, whereas the other men she sees treat her in multiple different ways, all of which flatter her. She can be high brow and knowledgeable and respectable to some lovers, easy and fun and trashy to others, spontaneous and smart to yet more, rather than just Sabina-the-wife, as she is to Alan. There is a stunning metaphor towards the end of the novel, where Sabina compares herself to a painting by Marcel Duchamp where a figure seems to split into multiple parts as it walks down some stairs:.

    It argued that seeking only one relationship in a life, a relationship meant to fulfil all needs for human interaction, is unattainable, and that encouraging people to aim for this puts a weighty strain on contemporary relationships. Sabina, more than half a century ago, is a fictional character who embodies the reality of this, though is in a great denial to herself in some respects.

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    The conclusion of the novel involves Sabina engaging more with the idea of her problematic marriage, and how by reducing her husband to a paternalistic, non-erotic figure, she is removing her justification or validity to expectations of love from him. I suppose it is a sadly old school ending to a novel that is otherwise v progressive with regards to female sexuality. She cannot continue to be the mistress of multiple men, because eventually they will expect a firmer commitment, she cannot remain in her sexless marriage with Alan because it leaves her unfulfilled, she is not able to embody the full gamut of self facets that she possesses — back to the Duchamp painting — while married to Alan or if monogamously with any other man, so so so so Sabina is left in a quandry.

    She must choose parts of herself to lose, parts of herself to preserve, and it is not possible, was not possible, will not be possible, for all to remain.

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    I understand this, because I have long struggled to align within myself my very real wish to be a good person i. Pretending that I am sexless, pretending I am without desire, has not been successful. I must embrace an adult identity, which includes an adult self-relationship with my own self-sexuality. Also, to celebrate the fact that I now self-identify as a poet, every blog post will now end with an original poem.