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Continuity and change in medicinal plant use: the example of monasteries on Cyprus and historical iatrosophia texts. Andreas Lardos , Michael Heinrich.

16 Dream Interpretation and Christian Identity in Late Antique Rome and Byzantium

Dreams , dreambooks and post - Byzantine practical healing manuals iatrosophia. SM Oberhelman.

Dreams, dreambooks and post-Byzantine practical healing. SM Greek. Anti-inflammatory, gastroprotective, and cytotoxic effects of Sideritis scardica extracts.

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  • 16 Dream Interpretation and Christian Identity in Late Antique Rome and Byzantium.
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Sideritis spp. A comprehensive review on the stinging nettle effect and efficacy profiles. Part II: urticae radix. Please login and go to your personal user account to enter your access token.

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Editors: Geoffrey Dunn and Wendy Mayer. Covering the period from earliest Christianity to middle Byzantium, the first eighteen essays explore the varied ways in which Christians constructed their own identity and that of the society around them.

BYZANTIUM: Introduction to Byzantine Churches

A final four essays explore the same theme within Roman Catholicism and oriental Christianity in the late 19th to 21st centuries, with particular attention to the subtle relationships between the shaping of the early Christian past and the moulding of Christian identity today. Among the many leading scholars represented are Averil Cameron and Elizabeth A.

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Barbarian or Greek? The text is known from thirteen papyrus fragments of the third to sixth centuries CE, and from Byzantine manuscripts which date from the fourteenth to sixteenth centuries but are completely preserved.

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In a preface to the Sortes , the author, identifying himself as "Astrampsychus of Egypt" and addressing his remarks "to King Ptolemy," goes on to claim that the book was actually "an invention of Pythagoras the philosopher," and boasts that "King Alexander of Macedon ruled the world by using this method of deciding matters.

A number of later treatises have been spuriously ascribed to Astrampsychus, including a book on healing donkeys, a guide for interpreting dreams, a discussion of lapidary stones for use in astrology, a work on geomancy, and a volume of love charms. The first English translation of the Sortes Astrampsychi by Stewart and Morrell was published in as "The Oracles of Astrampsychus" in Anthology of Ancient Greek Popular Literature ; the editor, William Hansen, provides an introduction with details about the history of the document and instructions for its use.

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