Effective C++: 50 Specific Ways to Improve Your Programs and Design

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The second edition published in , and was basically a face-lift of the first edition, keeping most of the same elements, and seven years later is still selling well. This resulted in a completely new book. However, most of the fundamental information in the second edition continues to be important, so I found a way to retain it in one form or another. If you feel that some of the Items in this book are inappropriate as general advice; that there is a better way to accomplish a task examined in the book; or that one or more of the technical discussions is unclear, incomplete, or misleading, please tell me.

If you find an error of any kind — technical, grammatical, typographical, whatever — please tell me that, too. Even with the number of Items expanded to 55, the set of guidelines in this book is far from exhaustive. But coming up with good rules — ones that apply to almost all applications almost all the time — is harder than it might seem. If you have suggestions for additional guidelines, I would be delighted to hear about them. I maintain a list of changes to this book since its first printing, including bug fixes, clarifications, and technical updates.

Effective C++: 50 Specific Ways to Improve Your Programs and Designs, Second Edition

I use it to make announcements likely to interest people who follow my professional work. Item 2: Prefer const s, enum s, and inline s to define s. Item Use the same form in corresponding uses of new and delete. Item Store new ed objects in smart pointers in standalone statements.

Item Prefer pass-by-reference-to- const to pass-by-value. Item Declare non-member functions when type conversions should apply to all parameters. Item Differentiate between inheritance of interface and inheritance of implementation. Item Understand when it makes sense to replace new and delete. This book also might help in intervie Subith Premdas Certified Buyer Jul, Price could be good in compare to other publisher but while reading I am sure people looks for good quality pages.


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Here in case of Pearson all pages are very very dull. Tarun Kumar May, It is considered as the guide lines for an experienced programmer for writing effective code.

The contents in this book are included topic wise to include everything for that topic. NOTE:- I want to share that if you are preparing for any job change then this is the one book you should read, also more effective. Bhupesh Pant Certified Buyer Oct, No doubt contents of the book is excellent but the page quality of the book sucks. Sitesh Mondal Certified Buyer , Noida 5 months ago. Scott Mayers's first book..

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It can be used as a reference book. Devender Mishra Oct, This book is mandatory for every c programmer and it is really good secondary book for C. I am sure that everyone often will refer this book. Govarthanan Certified Buyer , Bangalore Mar, Buying this book is the best decision i've ever made.