Electromagnetic nondestructive evaluation (VI)

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Application of these systems results in improved product reliability and safety, while lowering overall manufacturing costs by reducing wastage and preventing defective components from being incorporated into the finished product. A number of mathematical tools are used for process description and modeling, for signal processing, and for generating properties control information based on analysis the dependences between the parameters the fields that are applied and the electro-physical characteristics the test article that measured.

The developed methods and equipment can be adapted from measurements of test articles or materials under static conditions to dynamic measurements during material synthesis. Enerize owns 14 US patents, 1 Great Britain patent, and numerous US patent applications in the area of Li-ion batteries, solar cells, and non-destructive non-contact testing..

Electromagnetic Nondestructive Evaluation X Takahashi S Kikuchi H (ePUB/PDF)

User Name Password Sign In. Abstract Proprietary non-destructive non-contact NDT electromagnetic, holographic interferometry, gas discharge visualization, and combined methods, developed by Enerize, enable to evaluate properties of nano-structured powder of electrode materials, polymer and solid inorganic electrolytes, and interface of multi-layered electrode structures.

These methods allow insure the safety and reliability of the batteries and reduce the cost of production Electromagnetic NDT inspection consists in estimation of the level of magnetic fields interaction between the primary and secondary transducers from the currents induced by the primary field in investigated object. This Article Meet. Classifications Miscellaneous 2 - Oct 6 PM.

Perrusson supervised with G. Perrusson Feb. Lambert Feb. Lambert March Feb. Lambert Oct. Perrusson Sept.

Lambert Sept. Gdoura post-doc Nov. Lambert May July — P.

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Wiart Oct. Doctoral Theses with dates of defence, etc. Galan Malaga July — R. Molinet — M.

Electromagnetic Nondestructive Evaluation (VI)

Lambert Jan. Rozier Oct. Litman Oct. Monebhurrun Oct. Perrusson Oct. Martinez cancelled just before defence — D. Dos Reis Dec. Lambert — C. Ramananjaona Oct. Buvat Nov. Iakovleva Nov. Reboud Sept. Perrusson — S.

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  • Gdoura Sept. Benedetti Dec.

    Non-Destructive Evaluation

    Massa , U. Trento — W. Park Feb. Doctoral School of Ecole Polytechnique — B.

    Non-contact SQUID-NDT method using a ferrite core for carbon-fibre composites

    Puel Oct. Calmon and S. Benhamouche Nov. Miorelli Nov. Theodoulidis at Univ. Western Macedonia — G. Rodeghiero Sept. Zhong at National Univ. Singapore — C. Li Sept. Singapore — K. Pipis Dec. Reboud , in close cooperation with A. Western Macedonia — H. Tu Nov.

    Liu Oct. Sy Feb. Roy at M2M — A. Ratsakou from Jan. Skarlatos , in close cooperation with T. Western Macedonia — P. Ran from Dec. Serhir , I am the director vs. Aboudourib from Nov. Serhir , he is the director vs. Menard from Jan. Qin from Oct. Perrusson , D. Martinez , C.

    Ramananjaona , F. Buvat , M. Benedetti , and G. Rodeghiero 's doctoral works have been carried out in close cooperation with M. Baussard: professeur , Institut Charles Delaunay, Troyes. Benedetti: research engineer , Domotica Trentina, Trento. Ding: associate-professor , Fudan Univ. Dos Reis: engineer , Thales Group, Cannes. Franceschini: software engineer , Informatica Bancaria Trentina, Trento.

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