Frameworks of Choice: Predictive and Genetic Testing in Asia (IIAS Publications Series)

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Sudhakara Sustainable management of natural resources: Lessons and experiences from the tree grower's cooperative societies in India , Global Environment Research, V. Radhakrishna and Kirit S. Ed by C. Chandrasekhar and Jandhyala B. V ; Subramanian, S. V Poverty and inequality in India: Evidence from regional data, Journal of Quantitative Economics, RP Parikh, Kirit S Enjoy it by giving it up-Towards sustainable development patterns, Environment in the 21st century and new development patterns. G Informational approach to intergenerational resource sharing, Energy Sources, V.

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G ; Kavi Kumar, K.

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S ; Sharma, V. K Role of environmental impact assessment EIA in financing of rural projects, Proceedings of the National consultation on environmental issues in agriculture and rural credit. J ; Pillet, G ; Babu, P. S Decision-making framework for climate change, Poverty, environment and economic development.

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Bioconductor Workshop 1: R/Bioconductor Workshop for Genomic Data Analysis

V On targeting food subsidies, Proceedings of the symposium on Reforming India's social sectors: Strategies and prospects. V Liberlization of foodgrain markets: Implications for food security and price stability, Public distribution support for food security: The Public distribution in India. Edited by N. Krishnaji and T. Ed by Isher J. Ahluwalia and I. V The public distribution system, Agenda for reform: Action plan for the economy. Ed by Bibek Debroy and P.

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V Foodgrain price stabilization: Implications of private storage and subsidized food distribution, Journal of Policy Modeling, V. Brahmananda Ed by A. V The search for flexibility in Indian manufacturing new evidence on outsourcing activities, Economic and Political Weekly, V. Sudhakara Revisiting carbon sequestration for joint implementation, GHG mitigation: Technologies implemented jointly. K Environmental and economic policy analysis of waste paper trade and recycling in India, Resources, Conservation and Recyling, V.


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Sreenivasa ; Suryanarayana, M. H ; Rao, S. S ; Murthy, N.

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S An overlapping generations model with exhaustible resources and stock pollution, Ecological Economics, V. V ; Reddy, B. Sudhakara Electricity demand management through pricing: Scope and options, International journal of global energy issues, V. P ; Reddy, B.

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S Energy resource allocation incorporating qualitative and quantitative criteria: An integraed model using goal programming and AHP, Socio-economic planning sciences, V. Sudhakara Economic evaluation of demand side management options using utility avoided costs, Energy, The International Journal, V. Sudhakara Demand side management plan for industries sector in Maharashtra, India, Compendium on Energy efficiency and renewable energy policies and practices in developing countries , Washington ,Internatinal Institute for Energy Conservation, RP Ramachandran, V.

K Waste paper recycling: Trade, environment and socio-economic aspects, Encology, V. K ; Tripathy, G. K ; Ghosh, T. K ; Shah, S. D Monitoring of desertification process in Karnataka state of India using multi-temporal remote sensing and ancillary information using GIS, International Journal of Remote Sensing, forthcoming. V Reforms and the poor, Mid-year review of the economy, Forthcoming RP Kothari, M.

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Reddy and K. Lakshminarayana ed. Sudhakara Modelling of competing technologies in the residential sector, Energy Conversion and Management, V. Forthcoming RP Parikh, Kirit S India sustainable development and natural resource accounting: Proceedings of the international workshop on the contribution to policy of environmental and natural resource accounting, , Manila,Dept.

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Sudhakara Appliance electricity consumption in the residential sector: An economic approach, Energy Sources, V. R ; Iyengar, Leela Comparative performance of fungal biomasses for treatment of metal bearing effluents, Proceedings of the 5th international conference on environmental contamination, Morges, Switzerland, in press, RP Basu, K ; Mishra, Ajit Sustainable development and the commons problem: A simple approach, P.