How Snakes Work: Structure, Function and Behavior of the Worlds Snakes

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Animal species have evolved a remarkable diversity of defensive phenotypic strategies aimed to deceive predators and other forms of danger. By relying on deception, these adaptations increase the chances of avoiding physical contact that may otherwise have very high fitness costs. Hooding consists in the lateral expansion and dorso-ventral flattening of the neck, which creates the impression of a bigger opponent during confrontations.

This trait is highly characteristic of cobras Elapidae family. However, neck flattening is not exclusive to elapids, and has in fact been observed in a few other snake lineages, including some species of the families Lamprophiidae and Colubridae. Here, we present the first report of hooding behaviour in the South American colubrid genus Philodryas , based on field observations conducted on the Chilean species P.

Our report adds to the few cases in which this deceptive behaviour has been observed in snakes outside the cobra family. Andersson M. Princeton University Press Princeton. Baker A.

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How Snakes Work : Structure, Function and Behavior of the World's Snakes

American Museum Novitates 1 - Carpenter C. American Zoologist 17 - Ferguson G. In: Gans C. Tinkle E. Biology of the Reptilia Vol. Academic Press New York. Cowling R. Cowling P. Rundel B. Lamont M. Arroyo M. Arianoutsou M. Donoso-Barros R. Firmage M. Shine R.

Amphibia-Reptilia 17 55 - Greene H. American Midland Naturalist 93 - Experientia 35 - Kahn T. Herpetotropicos 6 25 - Lillywhite H. American Museum Novitates no. Oliver J.


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N Jiutepec, Mor; a 12 de Octubre This right is a recent psychological mechanism of Joshua Powell referred by the State of Washington. We sent a course for Pages to Abstract sports and modeling. Each time a rattlesnake sheds its skin it adds another segment to the rattle. Rattlesnakes also hiss, a second element of its warning posture that is often overlooked and overshadowed by its rattle, writes Laurence Monroe Klauber in " Rattlesnakes: Their Habits, Life Histories, and Influence on Mankind " University of California Press, In rattlesnakes, hissing and rattling their tails both serve as warning signals.

Interestingly, snakes are deaf to airborne sounds, so the hiss is only a warning for animals that can hear and not a means of communication with other snakes. Rattlesnakes can range from one to eight feet, depending on the species the big one is the eastern diamondback , according to the National Wildlife Federation.

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They are thick-bodied snakes with keeled ridged scales in a variety of colors and patterns. Most species are patterned with dark diamonds, rhombuses or hexagons on a lighter background.

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Young rattlesnakes do not yet have their rattles, though they are as dangerous as adults, according to the National Park Service at Yosemite. Furthermore, some adults may lose their rattles, so it is a good idea look out for the triangular head. These adaptable serpents can thrive in a variety of environments. They are most abundant in the desert sands of the Southwest, but they also like grasslands, scrub brush and rocky hills. They can be found in the swamplands of the Southeastern United States and in the meadows of the Northeast.

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These snakes can handle high elevation and are found everywhere from sea level to 11, feet 3, m , according to the San Diego Zoo. Rattlesnakes spend some time in dens, which they make in rocky crevices. Those in colder climates hibernate there for the winter. According to the South Dakota Game, Fish, and Parks Department , generation after generation of rattlesnake will use the same dens.