How to Play the Sicilian Defense (The Macmillan Chess Library)

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In the 18th century, it was recommended by Phillip Stamma and is sometimes known as the Aleppo Gambit in his honour. After the resumption of international chess activity following World War II , it was less frequently seen, as many Black players moved away from symmetrical openings, tending to use Indian Defences to combat queen pawn openings. The Queen's Gambit is still frequently played and it remains an important part of many grandmasters' opening repertoires.

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With 2. This is not a true gambit , as Black cannot hold the pawn, for example: 1. Black tries to guard his pawn but should pursue development with In the QGA, Black plays In the QGD, Black usually plays to hold d5.

Frequently Black will be cramped, but Black aims to exchange pieces and use the pawn breaks at c5 and e5 to free his game. Technically, any Black response other than There are so many QGD lines after The Orthodox Defense and the Tarrasch Defense are two important examples.

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See Queen's Gambit Declined for more. If White chooses to fianchetto his king's bishop, the game transposes into the Catalan Opening. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

For the novel, see The Queen's Gambit novel. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

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Clear All. Show Less Show More. All the important variations are covered in Harding's classic style. The Sicilian Flank Game s. The Grivas Sicilian 1 e4 c5 2 Nf3 Nc6 3 d4 cxd4 4 Nxd4 Qb6 has proved itself sound and reliable in practice, but is also far less well investigated than most Sicilian systems.

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Many variations have been in and out of fashion, but one line in particular has proved an enduring weapon - the sound and solid 4 e3 line, known as the Rubinstein Variation. The 4 e3 Nimzo is extraordinarily rich in strategy. They are not theoretical works in the traditional sense, but more a series of lessons from a chess expert with extensive over-the-board experience with an opening.

You will gain an understanding of the opening and the middlegames to which it leads, enabling you to find the right moves and plans in your own games. It is as if you were sitting at the board with a chess coach answering your questions about the plans for both sides, the ideas behind particular moves, and what specific knowledge you need to have.

Black's dark-squared bishop puts enormous pressure on White's center and queenside, and provides ab extremely sharp test for the White Position.

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In each case, he has recommended a line in which he has a wealth of experience, and has played a significant personal role in developing over many years. The recommendations are geared towards posing Black unconventional problems: your opponents will not be able to churn out lengthy memorized variations, but will need to solve problems at the board in positions that are somewhat different in character from those normally reached in these openings. Rather than subjecting himself to the 'Spanish torture' so typical in the Ruy Lopez, Black simply gives away a centre pawn. But in return, he gets long-term attacking chances and activity that can persist well into the endgame.

P-KN3 followed by B-N2. Black's flexible stance allows him to choose between a range of solid and dynamic structures. In turn, White can play flexibly, opposing Black's fianchetto, or can try to force the pace in the centre and start a hand-to-hand fight.

Sicilian defense O`Kelley variation explained (1.e4 c5 madnireterfhar.cf3 a6!?)

It is an opening rich in nuances, and many of the modern main lines involve moves that look extravagant, but are backed up by a deep underlying logic. Black immediately forces the pace and drags the game onto his own favoured territory. This strategy is not without risk, but those who specialize in the Alekhine find that the opening has a real practical sting and quick-strike potential.

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The principal lines of play are analyzed with numerous examples, which are followed with a collection of illustrative games totaling one hundred entertaining models. Chess Opening Traps for Kids Chess Opening Traps for Kids is a serious course on how to play the opening, illustrated with memorable and entertaining examples. By focusing on key themes, Graham Burgess explains how to use opening tricks to our advantage. Every opening features hidden dangers for both players, so we need to avoid pitfalls while making full use of tactics to achieve the opening goals of purposeful development and central control.

Chess Openings for Kids For chess-players of all ages and abilities, it is vital to get off to a good start. This simple guide provides all the tips and ideas needed to play purposefully from move one. That's because these 50 Mighty Openings are the very ones used by chess masters and grandmasters to outwit opponents time and again. This book teaches the names and starting moves of all the main chess openings, and explains the basic ideas. A Simple Chess Opening Repertoire for White By carefully choosing variations that lead to similar structures, IM Sam Collins has put together a powerful repertoire book ideal for players with limited study time.

This book is a treasure-trove of unusual ideas at an early stage of the opening, each with a firm logical foundation, yet running against the grain of conventional play. My Secrets in the Ruy Lopez In this book, he opens his extensive opening files and presents the most important games and unused novelties in the Ruy Lopez or Spanish Game. He also explains the strategies and ideas behind these lines, and places the key games in their historical settings.