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The GvIAP pilots shot down nine Luftwaffe aircraft without any friendly losses. Ivan Bochkov again excelled, shooting down a Junkers and a Messerschmitt. Bochkov did not have another kill until December An Airacobra six-ship group led by Bochkov intercepted eighteen Ju 87 dive bombers and twelve Bf fighters. Soviet pilots always strived to shoot down the lead bomber in order to disperse the formation and sow panic.

As the Russians anticipated, the formation of dive bombers immediately dispersed. During a brief encounter, another three German aircraft were shot down. Bochkov added another kill to his personal count.

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All six Airacobras returned to base successfully. Ivan Bochkov was awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union in February , having flown combat sorties by that time, and scored seven personal and thirty-two group victories. While flying his th combat sortie on April 4, , six Bf jumped Bochkov and his wingman.

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The ace scored his eighth personal victory prior to being shot down by a Messerschmitt. Ivan Bochkov was killed. Krivosheyev, took part in a battle between eleven Soviet aircraft against seventeen enemy aircraft. By that date, Krivosheyev had achieved five kills personally and fifteen as part of a group. In that memorable battle, Krivosheyev shot down a Bf , and then noticed that another Messerschmitt was lining up on the tail of Pavel Kutakhov, his squadron commander.

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The pilot decided to aim his aircraft at the German fighter and he rammed it. Krivosheyev died, but he saved the life of the squadron commander. Pavel Kutakhov ended the war as a colonel commanding the He flew combat sorties, was engaged in aerial combat 79 times and shot down 13 enemy aircraft personally and 28 as part of a group the latest research succeeded in confirming that Kutakhov had only five personal victories.

In Kutakhov became commanding general of the Soviet Military Air Forces and remained in that high post 15 years. Grigoriy Dmitryuk, yet another future ace who served with the When the end of the war came, he had flown combat sorties and participated in aerial combat 37 times, during which he shot down 18 enemy aircraft. Dmitryuk was awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union. During four years of war, Guardsmen flew combat sorties in which enemy aircraft would have been destroyed.

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Pilots of the The regiment undertook intense and cruel aerial combat after which the aircraft returned with serious damage. Regimental engineers, technicians and young aviation specialists deserve special mention. Despite absence of a training base and the terribly strenuous Arctic conditions, they were able to not only master the new aircraft, but also provide virtually percent serviceability. Absence of technical documentation on the foreign aircraft caused special difficulties so they were forced when working on them to employ good sense and military keenness of wit.

Pilots had to make emergency landings from time to time, not making it to the airfield.

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    Any help is much appreciated. It was a refinement of the earlier LaGG-1, and was one of the most modern aircraft available to the Soviet Air Force at the time of Germany's invasion in Lavochkin Vladimir P. Gorbunov and Mikhail I. It was designated LaGG-3 in serial production. Its airframe was almost completely made of timber, with crucial parts processed with Bakelite lacquer. The full wooden wing with plywood surfaces was analogous to that of the Yak It consisted of a large-calibre BK machine gun, which was installed between the "V" of the cylinders of the engine and two synchronized ShKAS machine guns.

    Consequently the weight of fire was 2. In fact, Lavochkin Gorbunov and Goudkov had originally designed their prototype for the powerful Klimov M engine. But it proved to be unreliable.

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    So they were obliged to install the relatively weak Klimov MP. The LaGG-3 proved to be somewhat hard to control as it reacted sluggishly to stick forces. In particular, it was difficult to pull out of a dive, and if the joystick was pulled too hard, it tended to fall into a spin. As a consequence, sharp turns were difficult to perform.

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    A more powerful engine was installed, but the improvement was little so, the only solution was to lighten the airframe.