Lonely Werewolf Girl: Number 1 in series

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  • Lonely Werewolf Girl: Number 1 in series.
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As the court intrigue threatens to explode in all-out civil war, the competing factions determine that Kalix is the swing vote necessary to assume leadership of the clan. Unfortunately, Kalix isn't really into clan politics - laudanum's more her thing. But what's even more unfortunate is that Kalix is the reason the head of the clan ended up dead, which is why she's now on the run in London.

Lonely Werewolf Girl: Number 1 in series

Secrets Of The Light: The incredible true story of one man's near-death experiences and the lessons he received from the other side - Dannion Brinkley. If this were all the book had to offer, it would still be worthy of note. Millar's portrayal of the detachment, isolation and abjection of the self-harming anorexic, as well as the matter-of-fact comfort taken in self-destructive behaviours, is both sensitive and brutal - and utterly believable.

The hopeless and hostile Kalix is neither victim nor abuser, and she requests neither our sympathy nor our censure.

In fact, the lonely werewolf girl doesn't seem to want any emotional engagement from anyone - not the other characters in the book, and not the readers. But readers, like the other characters, can't help but be drawn to Millar's creation. She is violent, antagonistic and destructive - but also sweet, loyal and heart-breakingly low on self-esteem: "Kalix felt like a young and very boring werewolf with nothing interesting to say. She wanted to leave but she couldn't seem to find an opportunity to say goodbye.

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While Kalix attempts to make herself as near invisible as possible in London, trouble stirs in the MacRinnalch clan's Scottish home. Kalix's father has died, partly as a result of the injuries he received during his daughter's attack. This means that a new Thane must be selected, and Kalix's brothers - Markus and Sarapen - are each determined to fight and fight dirty for the title.

Martin Millar

The MacRinnalch werewolves are divided between the two brothers, which leads to violence, betrayal and plotting. Dragged into this conflict are Kalix's cousins, Butix and Delix, a pair of dissolute werewolves who have changed their names to Beauty and Delicious, dyed their hair and run off to London to be rock stars.

In order to secure the support of the "cousins about whom the family did not speak", Mistress of the Werewolves Verasa sends Dominil, an intellectual but cold-hearted, white wolf to act as their band manager. Dominil is possibly my favourite character in the novel as, although Beauty and Delicious write songs about her entitled "Stupid Werewolf Bitch" and "Evil White-Haired Slut", everything she says makes complete sense, and she approaches life with a logical, rather than emotional, eye.


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Like all the characters in the novel, Dominil has her flaws. And this is the major strength of Millar's writing.

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I would go as far as to argue that Millar has created some of the most fully-rounded, three-dimensional female werewolves that you will come across. Yes - they are highly sexed, aggresive and violent.

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But they are also by turns vain, selfish, obstinate, illiterate, intellectual, creative, loyal, vengeful, funny, drug-addicted, talented, gentle, caring, spoilt In other words, Millar's female werewolves are about as close to human as you can get. Without wishing to make unfair generalizations, it is refreshing to see a male writer approach female characters by privileging 'character' over 'female'. Millar is a student of the urban. A side plot involving two werewolf punk-rock sisters is particularly enchanting. But where Millar really excels is in writing relationships.

Lonely Werewolf Girl

He understands perfectly the petty jealousies between brothers, the first love of teenagers, the unrequited longing of one good friend for another, and the nervousness of a lonely werewolf girl trying to forge her first friendships. The large cast of characters may seem daunting to readers, but Millar keeps the action moving with brief chapters written from multiple points of view.

The story never disappoints, and it felt almost tragic to come to its end.