Programmable Logic Controllers

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The Basics of Programmable Logic Controllers

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Function Block Diagram FBD - A graphical language for depicting signal and data flows through re-usable function blocks. FBD is very useful for expressing the interconnection of control system algorithms and logic. Structured Text ST — A high level text language that encourages structured programming.

Programmable Logic Controllers, Part 1: Basics and background

It has a language structure syntax that strongly resembles PASCAL and supports a wide range of standard functions and operators. For example;. A SFC program is an overview of the control system, in which the basic building blocks are entire program files. Each program file is created using one of the other types of programming languages. The SFC approach coordinates large, complicated programming tasks into smaller, more manageable tasks.

There are many PLC systems on the market today. Other than cost, you must consider the following when deciding which one will best suit the needs of your application. The following table shows a list of commonly used Acronyms that you see when researching or using your PLC.

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  7. PLCs enable operation processes to be changed or replicated, while simultaneously collecting and communicating important information. Input Device: An input device is a piece of computer hardware equipment used to provide data, and control signals to an information processing system IPS. Some examples of input devices include:. Output Devices: An output device is any piece of hardware used to communicate the results of data processing carried out by an IPS, and translate the information into an understandable form.