Reconstructive Neurosurgery

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Paralyzing injuries are frequently neglected in current medical care, a group of neurosurgeons contends in Neurosurgical Focus. Interventions that can promote functional recovery in these conditions include nerve grafting and nerve transfers, tendon transfers, free functional muscle transplants and, for spasticity, selective peripheral neurotomies and even tendon lengthening. Occasionally, bony fusion can fixate a limb or digit in a more functional position.

These procedures form the basis of a robust reconstructive neurosurgery repertoire that also comprises the rapidly expanding options in functional neurosurgery. Brown and his co-authors predict a specialist in reconstructive neurosurgery would receive enough cases from a single hospital to fully occupy a surgical practice with cases entirely focused upon function restoration.

For example, each year there are more than , new strokes in the U. Additionally, there are 1. The authors acknowledge that neurosurgeons overlap with orthopedic surgeons and plastic and reconstructive surgeons in their ability to provide functional restoration of paralyzing disorders. Still, they believe that neurosurgeons are critically positioned to manage such disorders.

For one thing, neurosurgeons best understand the pathologies that result in paralysis and paresis. Therefore they can best determine whether the original pathology has been adequately addressed, what the future concerns may be and whether reconstruction is advisable and, if so, what the timing should be. In addition, neurosurgeons are uniquely positioned to adopt more proximal interventions, such as nerve root reimplantation and contralateral nerve root transfer via the prevertebral route.

We may ship the books from Asian regions for inventory purpose. Seller Inventory adhiya Condition: Neu. Neuware - International experts present in this volume advances in reconstructive neurosurgery focusing on the fields of neurotrauma and neurodegenerative disorders. Reconstructive Neurosurgery Acta Neurochirurgica Supplement. Publisher: Springer , This specific ISBN edition is currently not available.

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The Reconstructive Neurosurgery of Spinal Cord Injury

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