Sent to the Devil: A Mystery

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The shape of the tower, which raises straight to the sky, is filled with thin pieces of rock, that allow visitors to climb on it.

Although, the date of the formation is still uncertain, geologists have discovered how it was created. As time passed by, natural events such as; rain, wind and storms, gradually modified the shape of the tower by eroding the volcanic rock.

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The properties of the volcanic rock makes the tower to change its shape easily. Those, who get there at the right place and the right time, can notice large pieces of rocks and even giant columns falling off the main volcanic rock.

The stones found at the base of the structure proof, that the initial shape of the tower was much larger than it is today. He discovered the rock formation, during one of his expeditions in One of the most popular legends about the Devils Tower comes from the Kiowa tribe. According to it, there once were 7 sisters, who wondered outside the village they lived, into the forests.

It turns out the water doesn’t disappear at all.

As they walked around in wilderness and they got lost. Later, they were attacked by a giant bear. While the girls prayed for survival, the earth started rising beyond them creating the Devils Tower, and the 7 girls were turned into stars, that now are known as the Big Dipper formation. You can unsubscribe at any time and we'll never share your details to third parties. More information Privacy policy.

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    John Seven | Viewer's Discretion: French murder mystery, a look at Satan and Hell

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    Mystery Playground: Book Review: Devil Sent the Rain

    The sheer incompetence of their efforts is breathtaking. These assumptions are based on what? If they were so confident, why not try it in the lab, instead of allowing it to spread in the wild, then try to counter it after they start dying. Jun 08, Jonseer - just how much do you know of what is actually going on in the effort to save the Devil?

    The Devil’s Tower: US’ Mysterious Sightseeing Spot

    Devils free of the disease are quarantined in various locations, with mainland sites being considered as well. Australian scientists are racing to find a solution, but science is poorly funded by Australian governments due to a lack of science-qualified politicians and a generally ignorant, self-interested public I'm gettin' the latest iPhone mate; science is for nerds, etc etc.

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