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How do you broach the subject with the teacher in question? You have an NQT in your department to whom you need to act as a mentor.

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They are struggling with classroom management and maintaining control. How might you support them?

An internal candidate has also applied for this HOD post, but has not been appointed. How do you get off on the right footing at the start of the new school year?

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Where do you see yourself career-wise in 5 years time? From the Blog. What is it like to get your first teaching post?

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Norton will publish in October, paints a dire picture of the chaos and mismanagement in the departments of Energy, Agriculture and Commerce during the transition from President Barack Obama to President Trump. Within these seemingly dull, benign bureaucratic systems, Mr. Lewis encountered devoted public servants struggling with understaffed and neglected agencies while confronting potentially catastrophic risks. In the Department of Energy, which oversees international nuclear risk, understaffing means there might not be enough inspectors to track down black market uranium.

The importance of department heads in the development of teacher support for school vision

Proposed cuts within the Department of Agriculture could dilute critical anti-poverty programs like school lunches and food stamps. Lewis said. The book began last year as a series of dispatches for Vanity Fair , where Mr. Lewis was a contributing writer for a decade.

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He has since left the magazine and shifted his longform journalism to Audible, the audiobook producer and retailer. Lewis went to Washington to report on how different departments were adapting under the Trump administration. His dreary-sounding assignment was to study the material that had been prepared for political appointees coming in to head the departments under the new administration.