The Memory of Love: Surdas Sings to Krishna

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The Memory of Love

New arrivals. The author traces the development of the theme of Krishna as butter thief from its earliest appearance in literature and art until the present. He focuses on the dramas ras lilas of Krishna's native Braj and on the Sur Sagar, a collection of verse attributed to the sixteenth-century poet Sur Das that is as familiar to Hindi speakers as Mother Goose is to us. Originally published in Reviews Review Policy. Published on. Original pages. Best For.

Web, Tablet. Content Protection. Learn More. Flag as inappropriate. Nanddas and his Vallabhite community were a threat to the older Chaube networks, for sure, but an even greater threat to any text-reciting expertise on the part of the Chaubes would have come from Brajbhasha poets and kathavachaks who were uninterested in being anchored to this or that sectarian lineage.

No other poet stands more powerfully for the independence of Brajbhasha than Surdas. Some skandhas could claim very few Surdas poems, which may have meant he had to commission several new padas to make his efforts seem plausible. To me, both estimations seem possible. Personally, I like the second. Pauwels Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz, , pp. Goswami Gorakhpur: Gita Press, [orig.

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The translation is that of , p. I am grateful to Gurinder Singh Mann for drawing the latter to my attention and for checking the Gurmukhi original. See also R. Orsini b also discusses the Haricarit of Lalachdas. The colophon page is now damaged. The range Majumdar describes is impressive, and his perspectives are helpful as well. I know from his treatment of Surdas, however, that one would need to evaluate some of his conclusions on the basis of further manuscript work. William L. Mukhopadhyaya, , p. Dimock, Jr.

Memory of Love (e-bok) | John Stratton Hawley | ARK Bokhandel

Stewart Cambridge: Harvard Oriental Series, , 3. See Alan W. Bryant, trans. The oldest manuscripts I have seen that adopt this scheme are Nagaripracharini Sabha no. The critical apparatus appears only in the portion published in Sukthankar served as general editor. The association between Sur and vishupad apparently remained strong enough in musical memory that N.

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Augustus Willard worked it into the taxonomy of vocal compositions he provided when writing his Treatise on the Music of Hindoostan at the court of Banda in See William Jones and N. Richard Widdess has observed, in a intriguingly parallel way, that early musical treatises on prabandha relevant to a consideration of the historical meaning of the term dhrupad make a strong distinction between verbal content bani , matu and performance realisation dhatu , being far more interested in the former than the latter. See Widdess Sheldon Pollock has taken note of the significance of this passage , p.

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The Memory of Love: Surdas Sings to Krishna

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Text Notes Author. Full text. The colophon page is no Stewart, The Final Word John Stratto The oldest manuscripts I have seen that adopt this scheme are Nagariprachari I am grateful to Ken Bryant fo