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You will find many creative activities based on each book to make reading even more enjoyable and interactive.

Tiny Eddy has lost his, too, and they come together in their joint search for their cuddly bears. Share the story Read aloud Before reading aloud together, read it through to get the tune of this highly patterned story. This will help you to read it aloud expressively to build enjoyment and suspense.

Where’s My Teddy? Big Book at Lakeshore Learning

Talk about the front cover together before you start. What do children think the story will be about? Join in As children tune in to the pattern they can join in by predicting the rhyme. Children will want to reread a story they have enjoyed.

This helps them get to know the story and join in with reading the words on the page. Retell the story Using the pictures, children can tell the story in their own words, perhaps wearing a bear mask, see below. Talk together Talk about the story together. What do children think it was about? Who was scared and why? Great book.

Where's My Teddy? Mini Pop-Up

Bought for my kids years ago and now for my grandson. My kids loved it. I read to them everyday at bedtime. This was not only great it was cute funny and feel good. Highly recommend. My boys are 27 and 30 and they both remembered it fondly when I showed it to them!

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March 25, - Published on Amazon. Where's My Teddy, was my favorite childhood book. I've purchased it multiple times over the years from various sources for book inspired baby showers as it never fails to bring such lovely memories to mind. This order however was a little confusing. I ordered the hard cover version which I always do but this time what I received was a mini pop up book.


I didn't consider this a big deal as kids in general seem to love pop up books but something else to note is this must be the British version of the book as they use tiddly vs tiny in the text. I didn't realize there were different versions, all my prior purchases have used the word tiny so just be aware when purchasing. April 16, - Published on Amazon. My children loved this book when they were small so when I saw it on Amazon I ordered it for my nephew's children who are 4 and 2.

Where's My Teddy Book

I have been told that it is now the go to book at bedtime for his children too! He said that the four year old absolutely loves it. It is a funny little story that parents will love too because it is quick and it rhymes February 4, - Published on Amazon. We used to check it out from the library every couple of weeks, and everytime it had to be returned, he was so upset.

I was so happy when I found out the hard cover was being released, and purchased it over a month before it's release, just to be sure we got it!

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We gave it to him for Christmas and he was ecstatic. Such a cute story, and it's easy enough that he quickly memorized it and "reads" along with me. I would highly recommend it! April 22, - Published on Amazon. Such a cute book!